You can call me lazy, but if I can unload myself, I will certainly do it. That is why I have in my kitchen a lot of all sorts of devices designed to save time and effort. Today will be a very simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker. Airy, tender, not cloying and very appetizing!

Fluffy rosy casserole freshly from the slow cooker

Recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker

How does this casserole recipe differ from hundreds of others and why should you try it? First, there is no gluten in it. Flour will take rice, it works great with cottage cheese. For an airy most tender casserole, you need only 50 grams per 400 gr of curd. For more dense, increase the amount to 80 gr. If you like the texture, more like cheesecakes, take 100 grams.

Secondly, there is almost no sugar. Total 30 gr, and this is not considered. Raisins are used as the main sweetener. I have a mixture of large black and white kish-misha. If you do not want any sugar at all, feel free to take honey. Two tablespoons enough. An alternative to raisins can serve dates, dried cranberries or cherries.

Well, in conclusion, I will say that all the cooking takes 50 minutes. Of these, you work 10, and provide the rest to do the slow cooker. The recipe is suitable for any model. The main thing - the presence of the function of baking or the possibility of a similar mode. And do not forget to make a “French shirt” so that your curd casserole turns out to be ruddy and easily go out of the bowl.

Excellent with a glass of warm milk.

Question-answer to the recipe for cottage cheese casserole

In which crock-pot cooked casserole on the photo?

I have the simplest model of multicooker Panasonic. In it, I cook any casseroles and biscuits. The minimum baking time 40 minutes, usually stand completely for the products of cottage cheese. The function "Baking" is in all modern models from Polaris to Redmond.

I do not have rice flour, which one to take?

Rice flour absorbs well the liquid that is released from the curd, so it needs so little, just 50 gr. I would advise to buy it. Moreover, it is in any supermarket chain from Magnit and Dixie to Pyaterochek. In extreme cases, take semolina, but be prepared for taste. Wheat just do not advise.

What is a “French shirt”, how to do it and why?

French shirt is a pre-treatment method for a baking dish that prevents the finished product from sticking to the walls. To do this, lubricate the entire surface with cold butter, and then spray a little flour so that it adheres evenly to the butter in a thin layer. See what a French shirt looks like in step-by-step instructions.

I decided to pour strawberry jam on the casserole. You can also take a little sour cream