For more than half a year I lived as a vegan, completely eliminating all types of animal food. It was comfortable in the summer and fall.

The family garden sponsored cucumbers and tomatoes, sweet peppers, crispy spinach, arugula and greens, zucchini and pumpkins. Berries and fruits were abundant, and with them vitamins. With the advent of cold weather everything became complicated. The diet is scanty. The feeling of hunger gradually increased, and the body did not have enough energy for heating. I had to gradually return to the animal squirrel. I made a choice in favor of lean fish and seafood. One of the favorites was the recipe for cod in white wine with basil and tomatoes.

I chose Basmanti crumbly white rice as a garnish.

About the benefits of cod

Cod is a family of fish found primarily in the Atlantic Ocean. One of the subspecies found in the Pacific. The species belongs to white fishes.

Cod meat is low in calories, well digested and great for dietary nutrition. This type of fish is especially appreciated for being a source of OMEGA-3 non-fatty acids, B vitamins (especially B12), as well as selenium and phosphorus.

Cod liver is a special product. He is known not only for its wonderful taste. It is recommended for improving health. It is known that cod liver contains vitamin D, which not every product can boast. People living in the middle lane should definitely include cod and offal in their diet.

Do you still have wine?)) Then by all means pour yourself a glass!

Recipe for cod in white wine with basil and tomatoes

For this recipe you need fresh cod fillets. It is possible with skin, it is possible without. Frozen fish may be a little dry, so I try to avoid it. Moreover, in most supermarkets you can easily get fresher, especially if you know when it is delivered.

Wine is the second most important ingredient. It depends not only the flavor of the dish, but also the taste. To give preference to high-quality white dry or semi-dry wines. Sweet and semi-sweet will not do.

Tomatoes I recommend “cherry”. This sweet variety is easier for others to buy ripe, and, most importantly, tasty in the off-season. Cherry also adds a bright, appetizing accent to the dish.

To serve sprinkle with your favorite herbs. I have fresh dill.

From the spices you will need garlic, lemon, lemon zest, black pepper and the king of spices basil. If possible, I always buy a pot of clove or lemon balzik. The aroma of these varieties is much more intense, and the leaves are softer and smaller. But the classic fit no worse. The only thing I do not recommend is red. After heat treatment, it looks completely unappetizing. If suddenly it did not turn out to find fresh greens - it does not matter. Take dried. Also perfectly suitable for this dish seasoning "Tuscan" or "Italian herbs".

Cooking time will be no more than 20 minutes from start to finish. The fish prepares very quickly, well absorbs the tastes and aromas of spices. Keep in mind, you will have a lot of juice. Add some garnish to them. Rice, quinoa, couscous and mashed potatoes are perfect!

And this dish takes only 15 minutes!