Oatmeal muffins for breakfast

This is without a doubt one of the best breakfast recipes that I stumbled over the last couple of years! I absolutely completely fell in love with this recipe for oatmeal muffins for breakfast. Gentle, not sweet, with an interesting texture due to dense whole grain oatmeal. As with any muffins, you can mix it with a fork in 5 minutes. Oat Muffins with Whole Grain Flakes Recipe Elementary ...

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Omelet with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

It would seem that it may be easier to omelet? But such an elementary dish has its own secrets! What do you prefer for breakfast? Do you want something new every day or enjoy the same dish you like every day? I belong to the second category. Today I am sharing with you a simple recipe for my last favorite among breakfasts, scrambled eggs ...

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Cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker

You can call me lazy, but if I can unload myself, I will certainly do it. That is why I have in my kitchen a lot of all sorts of devices designed to save time and effort. Today will be a very simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker. Airy, tender, not cloying and very appetizing! Recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker How does this recipe for casserole differ from ...

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Russian blini

Thin pancakes on yogurt recipe potionsquirrel.ru

Do not forget about traditional Russian pancakes on kefir in Shrovetide, cook with us. The time has come for Shrovetide. So you can pamper yourself and your loved ones with pancakes for a week. It’s boring to cook the same things, so there’s not much recipe for pancakes, there’s a need for variety. I have already told you about pancakes, oatmeal with berries and thin, which can be wrapped ...

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Omelette with mushrooms and bacon

Excellent breakfast from an omelette with mushrooms and bacon from potionsquirrel.ru

When you want a hearty, savory breakfast, you need to cook an omelet with mushrooms and crispy bacon. Tested repeatedly, there is enough energy until dinner. Omelet with mushrooms and bacon is my second favorite breakfast recipe after pancakes. It can be cooked like a pizza, when you fill the ready stuffing with egg mixture. This is a more familiar, classic version. And you can just like that, just turning ...

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Thin pancakes stuffed with and without

Thin pancakes with milk. Recipe and photo potionsquirrel.ru

I know that for many people it is more difficult to make delicious thin pancakes than to understand nuclear physics. But not these. With these pancakes everything will turn out. Looking to me in search of ideas for breakfast, you probably thought that I cook only cheesecakes and pancakes, well, sometimes an omelette or porridge. I will tell you a secret, cheesecakes at home in favor. But ...

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Lush curd cakes

Sometimes accidents lead to unexpectedly pleasant results. So my recipe for lush cheesecakes was born. I firmly believe that there are not many recipes for cheesecakes. So get ready, today there will be another one. Lush cheesecakes. Unlike traditional ones, they are airy, more like curd buns. Sour cream, whipped cream, jam or condensed milk perfectly approaches to them. And you can ...

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Breakfast champagne and hashbraun champion

A simple and delicious hashbrawn recipe with scrambled eggs from potionsquirrel.ru

A hearty breakfast for those who need a lot of energy for important business. I first heard the word “hashbraun” on TV in a breakfast advertisement in McDonalds. I always have breakfast at home. In general, I always prefer to eat as much as possible at home or at home. Even on a plane I always take my lunch box. So I was not destined to try the great creation of the American catering. But ...

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Rice porridge with berries

Porridge-oatmeal, and rice porridge is much tastier. Delicate as pudding, creamy, it goes well with berries, fruits and nuts. Rice porridge for me is an unconditional favorite. It is very energizing, not to mention the fact that it is tasty and healthy. To eat such porridge in the morning is the same as to have breakfast with dessert. The secret of perfect rice porridge The most important thing in rice porridge ...

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