Sugar cookies that keep their shape

When I want to make curly cookies with the use of stamps, I choose this particular recipe. Recently I have not often made sweets. That is why for a long time there has been no update in the sections “Baking” and “Desserts”. As always in winter, I wanted the impossible - fresh fruits and berries. Therefore, the refrigerator was bursting with apples, the freezer was filled with frozen mixtures for fruit drinks and smoothies, ...

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Noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashews

Chicken with broccoli - a recipe from

And again, Asian motifs in the recipe. But where to go, the rare cuisine is so simple and fast. On the eve of the New Year, I want to share with you a recipe that you can use with pleasure during the holidays when you get tired of traditional salads. Today, again, Chinese cuisine. High-speed noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashew nuts. You will need only minutes ...

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Rice with egg and Asian vegetables

The history of this dish goes back almost 15 centuries since the creation of the recipe. Today I present rice with eggs and vegetables in Chinese. The recipe is insanely simple, fast, yet healthy and nutritious. Eat it hot or cold. It will be delicious. Asian-Style Fried Rice Fried rice dishes have been known in ancient China for more than 8 thousand years ...

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Sesame Cookies for Vegans

If I hadn’t immediately revealed to you the secret that these cookies were cooked entirely from plant products, you would never have guessed that you would definitely like my sesame biscuits. Crunchy, thin, moderately sweet with a bright taste of sesame seeds. Everything will take some 20 minutes, and you can enjoy tea. Advantages of refined coconut oil ...

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Healthy warm salad with brown rice, chickpeas and avocado

Useful can and will be delicious. Especially when it comes to the recipe for warm salad of brown rice with chickpeas and avocado. For several months this is one of my favorite snacks. And since he has passed the test of time, I’m happy to share it with you. The benefits of brown rice, chickpeas and avocados I'll start with avocados. This fruit (and yes, ...

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Chocolate chips quinoa cookies

Light, healthy cookies with quinoa and drops of dark chocolate. How to make friends with a very useful product that you absolutely do not want to eat? I found a solution for myself that works. You just need to make something sweet out of it. If you don’t like quinoa (and if you already love, all the more), this recipe is simple, but very tasty chocolate cookies ...

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Pumpkin pasties from the Harry Potter book

Pumpkin patties from the Harry Potter book - recipe from

“Do you want something from the cart, dear? Chocolate frogs, licorice sticks, pumpkin pies? ”Harry, who had never had pocket money before, took a little bit of everything so that he would not miss anything. I like the magical world created by JK Rowling. I lost count, how many times I read the entire cycle of books about Harry Potter. I guess I can already quote by heart. Love these too ...

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Chocolate brownie

Exquisite chocolate treat for real shockaholics.If you are a shockaholic, then this is the dessert for you. Chocolate Brownie - a recipe for a seemingly simple chocolate cake, but with some features that make it outstanding among other sweets. At first glance, Brownie does not seem to be something remarkable, think of simple rectangles. But it is necessary to bite off a piece, as you immediately appreciate the incredible combination of crisp ...

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Simply stunning apple pie

Stunning apple pie by

Biscuit-apple perfection, nothing less. This is not a charlotte and never will be. Today's apple pie is a soft vanilla sponge biscuit with a top of tender sweet-sour apples in a cinnamon-lemon marinade. And maybe it sounds abstruse and complicated, but in reality everything is elementary. A minimum of ingredients, a maximum of taste. Go. What apples to take for apple pie How big ...

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Walder Frey's Pie

Fans of the Game of Thrones, I promise, there will be no severed fingers, there will be a very tasty meat pie with vegetables. I have long wanted to try meat pie. Never such cooked. I always thought that the cake should definitely be sweet. It's time to break your stereotypes and expand the boundaries of consciousness and recipes. So I present to you my new favorite, pie with ...

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Mulled wine

How to warm up in the off-season and winter cold? Mulled wine will help you! Mulled wine is one of the favorite and most desirable drinks of the autumn-winter period. Spicy, fragrant and warming, it can melt any ice, cure colds and strengthen the immune system. With him any frost or slush is nothing, agree? Then I will tell you how to cook the familiar mulled wine with wine and ...

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Chocolate muffins with chocolate

Recipe for chocolate muffins with pieces of dark and white chocolate from

This is my personal ode to chocolate. Fragrant muffins with a rich taste of cocoa and pieces of chocolate. I have told you more than once that I am a shockaholic. If there were support groups for shock-wits, then I would definitely go to them. “I’m Nellie and I’m a Shogher. Today I cooked chocolate muffins again, do I need a recipe? ”- so I would start every ...

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