Chocolate chips quinoa cookies

Light, healthy cookies with quinoa and drops of dark chocolate. How to make friends with a very useful product that you absolutely do not want to eat? I found a solution for myself that works. You just need to make something sweet out of it. If you don’t like quinoa (and if you already love, all the more), this recipe is simple, but very tasty chocolate cookies ...

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Russian blini

Thin pancakes on yogurt recipe

Do not forget about traditional Russian pancakes on kefir in Shrovetide, cook with us. The time has come for Shrovetide. So you can pamper yourself and your loved ones with pancakes for a week. It’s boring to cook the same things, so there’s not much recipe for pancakes, there’s a need for variety. I have already told you about pancakes, oatmeal with berries and thin, which can be wrapped ...

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Thin pancakes stuffed with and without

Thin pancakes with milk. Recipe and photo

I know that for many people it is more difficult to make delicious thin pancakes than to understand nuclear physics. But not these. With these pancakes everything will turn out. Looking to me in search of ideas for breakfast, you probably thought that I cook only cheesecakes and pancakes, well, sometimes an omelette or porridge. I will tell you a secret, cheesecakes at home in favor. But ...

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Cottage cheese and lemon biscuits

Lemon and curd biscuits. Photo, ingredients, step-by-step recipe from

Wonderful soft cottage cheese cookies with hints of lemon, covered with white chocolate. Perfect with hot cocoa. I am sweet. In my house you can always find some baking: cookies, muffins, cupcakes, muffins, and sometimes even a cake. Just look at the sections "Baking" and "Desserts", which is not. Today I decided to share one of my favorite quick desserts for tea. ...

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Apple muffins with cinnamon

This is NOT “Charlotte” in cups. These are traditional dense and simultaneously juicy muffins with apple slices and cinnamon. My husband and I agreed that we would not buy store sweets. They have too much sugar and preservatives. Dried fruits are a good alternative. But you get tired of them, and you can't do without dessert. In this regard, muffins are very helpful. Berry, carrot ...

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Lush curd cakes

Sometimes accidents lead to unexpectedly pleasant results. So my recipe for lush cheesecakes was born. I firmly believe that there are not many recipes for cheesecakes. So get ready, today there will be another one. Lush cheesecakes. Unlike traditional ones, they are airy, more like curd buns. Sour cream, whipped cream, jam or condensed milk perfectly approaches to them. And you can ...

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Breakfast champagne and hashbraun champion

A simple and delicious hashbrawn recipe with scrambled eggs from

A hearty breakfast for those who need a lot of energy for important business. I first heard the word “hashbraun” on TV in a breakfast advertisement in McDonalds. I always have breakfast at home. In general, I always prefer to eat as much as possible at home or at home. Even on a plane I always take my lunch box. So I was not destined to try the great creation of the American catering. But ...

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Curd cheese cakes with whole grain flour

Golden ruddy curd cheese cakes with whole-grain flour for breakfast from

A simple and tasty, everyone's favorite breakfast of cheese curds with jam and sour cream can be made even better if you use whole grain flour for cooking. Fewer calories - more good. People, and I am not an exception, tend to wake up from time to time in a bad mood. Such is life, and this is normal, the main thing is to correct the situation in time. If …

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Delicious cheese cakes with ricotta

Delicate and incredibly delicious syrniki with ricotta and berries from

Better than curd cheesecakes for breakfast can only be delicious cheesecakes with fresh ricotta. They are so tender, similar to a real dessert, with a bright accent in the form of berries. I know how I will start the day, and on that note it will pass. The tastier the breakfast, the better the mood, which means the better the day will pass. Tasty cheese cakes with ricotta ...

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Banana pancakes

Delicious and fragrant banana pancakes will make your breakfast much better!

Banana pancakes for those who love a delicious full breakfast, which does not need to spend a lot of time. Everyone loves bananas. Everything except me a few years ago. I couldn’t stand bananas for the spirit, even left the room if someone was going to eat one. Separate torture began in closed spaces, such as an airplane, from which it was impossible to escape. But that all changed when I tried ...

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Oatmeal pancakes with blueberries

Magnificent oatmeal pancakes with blueberries are ideal for breakfast. Photo and recipe from

Breakfast should be different every day, especially since it is possible with the enormous number of recipes that exist. Do you like pancakes? Then you should definitely try oat pancakes with blueberries. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, everyone knows that! Breakfast should certainly be healthy, nutritious, and, of course, tasty, because how else can energies be charged in the morning? Oat pancakes ...

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Oatmeal porridge with fried eggs and parmesan cheese

An unusual combination of oatmeal and salty filler will add variety to your breakfasts. Everybody is used to having sweet porridge, and only fruits, berries, honey, dried fruits or nuts can be used as additives. I was of the same opinion as I tried porridge with scrambled eggs and parmesan. Delicate oatmeal, melted odorous cheese and fried eggs with drops of balsamic sauce ...

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