Crete's oldest city: Chania

The picturesque Chania is the second largest city of Crete after Heraklion. Population around 60 000 residents. It is believed that the modern city was built on the site of Minoan Cydonia. This is confirmed by the results of excavations on the hill of Castelli. The history of Chania Chania owes its existence to the Venetians, who in the 13 century began the construction of a city in the bay. For the current needs built a port with a lighthouse and ship ...

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Crete's oldest cities: Rethymnon

Fortezza. Main gate

The third largest city of Crete is named Rethymnon and is located between Heraklion and Chania. Population 30 000 people. The architecture of the city is somewhat different from its neighbors. Mostly noble Greeks lived in Rethymnon, so the buildings were built in the style of the Greek Renaissance with elements of the Ottoman era. History Rethymnon Old Town is well preserved. It occupies a small area near the coast. Streets ...

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Famous beaches of Crete: Balos

The famous beach of Balos. Tells the

Chania is famous not only for canyons. This prefecture has one of the most visited and famous pink sand beaches on the island. There are two ways to reach Balos. The first is by sea. The ship departs from the pier in the town of Kisamos and sails along the route Kisamos - Fr. Gramvousa - Balos - Kisamos. You can see the famous fortress, enjoy ...

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Holidays in Crete. Mount Juhta

Mountain Yukhta, Crete. View of the valley

In ancient times, the mountain was considered sacred, because from afar resembled a human profile, or rather the face of the resting god Zeus. Yukhta Mountain is small, just 811 meters, but it is very significant for the inhabitants of Crete. At the foot, olive groves and vineyards are spread, from the north it is adjoined by a beautiful fertile valley, from the east - Sylamian gorge, and from the west ...

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Hiking in Crete. The gorge of St. Nicholas and the forest Rouvas

One of the most beautiful hiking routes in Crete runs through the Gafaris gorge, also known as Rouvas or the gorge of St. Nicholas. The gorge of St. Nicholas, Gafaris or Rouvas is surrounded by the peaks of Ambelakia from the east and Samari from the west. This is the most famous gorge of central Crete. You find yourself in a unique ecosystem with a rich flora and fauna, small canyons, interesting geological formations ...

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The capital of Crete is Heraklion

To this day, three cities, preserved by the Venetians, have survived. These are Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania. Everyone has their own unique individuality. Today I will tell you about the capital of Crete Heraklion. Heraklion is the place from which it is best to begin exploring the island. The museums have wonderful expositions telling about the history, customs, culture and peculiarities of the nature of Crete. The city has survived ...

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How to choose a restaurant in Crete

It is impossible to visit Crete and not visit restaurants or taverns. Restaurants in Crete are at every turn. Wherever you look, home cooking, family taverns and pubs for guests from England who serve fish and chips with beer. For gourmets, there are Thai and Chinese restaurants. In the abundance of trattoria with breathtaking pasta and pizza is not worse than ...

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Cretan cuisine. What to try

If you believe the myths, Zeus was born and buried in Crete. Crete is an island that took my heart from the very first minutes. I want to go back there for Greek hospitality, clear sea, warm sun, wonderful food and incredible landscapes. Crete is amazing. Every time there are all new places, new dishes and new experiences. Cretan cuisine Cretan cuisine is different ...

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