Shrimps and avocado salad with honey-mustard sauce

Easy and at the same time nutritious, healthy salad with shrimps and avocados under my favorite original dressing. I don’t like restaurants very much. I want to control as much as possible how and from what the food is made, and there it is impossible. Therefore, I try to cook beautiful dishes at home. This salad with shrimp and avocado is one of the favorites. Simple, bright, appetizing. Everything goes on ...

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Vegetarian cutlets from chickpeas with smoked paprika

Chickpeas cuttlets recipe by

Who said that vegetarians chew salads alone? Refusal from meat does not limit food, but makes it more thoughtful variety. In addition to meat, there are many foods that are rich in high-quality protein. For example, chickpeas. I love him for his sweetish taste, reminiscent of a chicken, and for his ability to adapt to any combination of spices. Oh, and chickpeas make breathtaking burgers. Now all ...

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A real borsch

Is it possible to overdo it with borscht? This is unlikely. Everyone has their especially favorite dish. One that you want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it is always small, and ask for supplements. For me, this soup. Bright raspberry, with the perfect combination of ingredients, slightly sour. Already drooling while I write, honestly! I present to you the recipe for a classic borscht made from fresh cabbage ...

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Cutlets from turkey with garnish

Cutlets from turkey, which preserve the juice even the next day. Photo and step-by-step recipe for cutlets from

This is the easiest recipe for delicious turkey meatballs that always works. Everyone loves meatballs. But not everyone can cook them. I will tell you about how to make juicy soft turkey burgers today. There will be no dancing with a tambourine around the plate. The recipe is extremely simple and applicable to any kind of lean meat, be it chicken or ...

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Cream soup with broccoli

Especially for those who love broccoli and want to try something new. Broccoli cream soup is one of my favorite recipes. Firstly, because it is delicious, and secondly, because it requires a minimum of effort and time. Perhaps the combination of ingredients may seem strange at first glance. But do not be embarrassed. Fresh mint leaves refresh the dish, and…

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Spring rolls with vegetables

It's almost like sushi for vegans. Try our recipe for tasty and useful spring rolls filled with vegetables. Crispy Spring Rolls with Stewed Vegetables. The recipe from

The best vegetable snack you've ever tasted. Do you like vegetables? I am yes! As an independent dish or side dish I always have vegetables. Boiled, stewed, baked or fried is not important. When I get bored with the usual serving options, I make spring rolls, the recipe of which is very simple and impossibly tasty! Meet the spring rolls The first ...

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Quesadilla with chicken

Lunch from quesadilla with chicken and fresh vegetables from

Quesadilla is the so-called Mexican sandwich, only there instead of the usual bread - cake. Between the thin layers of tortilla is hidden the filling of meat or chicken, salsa sauce, cheese and vegetables. There are many variations, and they are all delicious! Mexican cuisine is very popular, because Mexicans more than anyone else know a lot about simple, tasty and nutritious food. Chile con carne, salsa, ...

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Vermicelli soup with chicken

Chicken soup is an ideal remedy for any health problems. In the fall, along with the harvest of vegetables and fruits, cold northern winds come. The air is no longer warming enough, but the beauty of the fading nature still lures us out of the houses, inviting us to walk along the alleys strewn with colorful leaves. At this time, you need to take care of your health. BUT …

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Caesar salad with chicken

One of the most famous and recognizable salads in the world, Caesar, is now in your kitchen. Sometimes you want not to eat, but just a little snack. Salads are ideal for this. I have some favorites. I prefer those that combine fresh vegetables and vegetable or animal protein. I will try to introduce you gradually to them, but for now we will start from the very ...

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Salad with rocket salad, pumpkin and feta cheese

The perfect combination of products for the winter. Where to take vitamins in the winter? How to diversify your food, make it healthier and tastier, so that the emphasis was on seasonal vegetables and herbs? Salad of arugula, pumpkin and feta cheese is the very one. Spiced pumpkin with feta reveals its taste in new ways. Sweetness goes well with delicate brackish cheese. Refreshing ...

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