Pumpkin pasties from the Harry Potter book

Pumpkin patties from the Harry Potter book - recipe from potionsquirrel.ru

“Do you want something from the cart, dear? Chocolate frogs, licorice sticks, pumpkin pies? ”Harry, who had never had pocket money before, took a little bit of everything so that he would not miss anything. I like the magical world created by JK Rowling. I lost count, how many times I read the entire cycle of books about Harry Potter. I guess I can already quote by heart. Love these too ...

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Chocolate muffins with chocolate

Recipe for chocolate muffins with pieces of dark and white chocolate from potionsquirrel.ru

This is my personal ode to chocolate. Fragrant muffins with a rich taste of cocoa and pieces of chocolate. I have told you more than once that I am a shockaholic. If there were support groups for shock-wits, then I would definitely go to them. “I’m Nellie and I’m a Shogher. Today I cooked chocolate muffins again, do I need a recipe? ”- so I would start every ...

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Banana pancakes

Delicious and fragrant banana pancakes will make your breakfast much better!

Banana pancakes for those who love a delicious full breakfast, which does not need to spend a lot of time. Everyone loves bananas. Everything except me a few years ago. I couldn’t stand bananas for the spirit, even left the room if someone was going to eat one. Separate torture began in closed spaces, such as an airplane, from which it was impossible to escape. But that all changed when I tried ...

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Parisian croissants made of puff pastry

Correct croissants, a recipe for European bakers on potionsquirrel.ru

Lush air croissants with the finest crisp and filling of your choice will help to create an atmosphere of a Parisian coffee house in your house. What do you associate Paris with? With the Eiffel Tower towering over the city? With the royal palace-museum of the Louvre and Leonardo da Vinci's “Gioconda” painting stored there? With the song "Champs Elysees", which draws and sing along? Or are you thinking about ...

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Chocolate-honey pie

Chocolate cake, a recipe with orange and liquid honey is just incredible! Prepared with love, photo and recipe from potionsquirrel.ru

Pie with a rich taste of chocolate, honey aroma and light notes of orange. Chocolate glaze perfectly completes the picture, making the desire to try a piece just insurmountable. I must admit that I am rather conservative when ordering desserts in a cafe. I can browse the sweets menu long and hard, and then still order a chocolate cake or cake. As an exception, I can take something chocolate-nut, but ...

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Gingerbread cookies - a delicious New Year's recipe with a photo from PotionSquirrel.ru

No Christmas is complete without gingerbread. Painted figurines with a bright aroma of cinnamon and delicate honey-ginger flavor will decorate any festive table. Ginger gingerbread or cookies have long become traditional in the New Year and Christmas period in Russia. In all the cafes in the windows are ginger men, inviting visitors to enjoy a spicy flavored dessert. Today I will share with you ...

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Pumpkin Pie

Want to make a cake that people like to do in America for Thanksgiving? Crunchy shortbread dough and tender filling are combined just fine. Tykva is an amazing product. Bright orange, red, green and yellow, of all freakish forms, it is impossible to pass by them. That only pumpkin is not prepared: soups, risotto, casseroles, desserts, side dishes, even pancakes. And everywhere she is in her place. I especially like the recipe ...

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