How about something easy and very simple? This dish, which is guaranteed to cook quickly and very tasty. Today I share my new favorite recipe for chicken cutlets with zucchini. Very juicy, ruddy and so stunning that it is impossible to stop at one.

Dietary chicken cutlets with zucchini

These meatballs are perfect for those who eat well, are on a diet or are in compliance with breastfeeding restrictions.

We will use only lean breast meat. It will not be dry! This will take care zucchini. In the recipe there is a small amount of breadcrumbs. They will take away moisture from zucchini, swell, due to this, the chops will turn out incredibly juicy.

If you do not want or cannot eat even a small amount of gluten, replace the breading with oat bran. They also work great. In a pinch, do without them. But then it is better to shift the grated squash into gauze and how to squeeze out excess moisture, then add it to the stuffing.

Chicken Cutlets Recipe

I bring a recipe for chicken meat, but you can safely replace it with turkey breast. The dish is lean. If you like fatty cutlets, add dark leg meat to the mince.

Vegetables will be zucchini and onions. They are responsible for juice. Zucchini is best to take young, tender. Zucchini will do. You should not go overboard with a bow, it is enough to confine a small head. For a more delicate flavor, take shallot. I do not recommend red, it will give the patties an unappetizing color.

Be careful with the eggs. I do not recommend putting more than one small, it will make the chops too dense. Instead of 1 eggs, you can take yolk 2 based on 2 chicken breasts.

From spices there will be only dried garlic, black ground pepper and parsley. I did not have fresh, so I took dried.

I recommend cooking the chops either in a pan or in the oven. Then they turn out very appetizing with a thin golden crust. Can be steamed. Calculate time based on the size of your cutlets and the fixtures in which you cook.