Easter cottage cheese cake with raisins

Usually at Easter I either do not cook anything, or I make a quick, yeast-free cake with corn flour and saffron, but not this year. This will be a real classic cake with raisins and fudge. Soft, airy, porous and ... it prepares elementary. And what could be nicer? How to cook a cake for a long time I avoided the classic recipes ...

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Garlic dumplings to borscht

There is nothing better than borsch with fragrant homemade bread. That is what we are going to prepare today. So many times I have prepared these wonderful donuts, but I only managed to remove the process, and it never came to a photo. All because they disappear with incredible speed. Stop on one is impossible. I don’t even promise that you will stop ...

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Carrot-Coconut Vegan Cake

Dear vegans, this recipe is for us! Only a vegetable, not a single animal for this cake has suffered. In recent months I have been experimenting a lot. I try to replace components of animal origin in baking like gelatin, butter and dairy products with vegetable ones. Successful recipes appear on the site. One of them was a wonderful sesame cookie. Today I present a carrot-coconut vegan cake with pineapples ...

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Cake of Prague

The real classic chocolate cake Prague with cream based on boiled condensed milk and apricot jam. There are desserts that delight at the beginning, but quickly become boring. And there is a second type. Ageless, eternal, which is always in fashion. My favorite cake on the menu today. It will always be relevant, no matter how many new desserts come up with. Meet the classic cake recipe ...

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Sesame Cookies for Vegans

If I hadn’t immediately revealed to you the secret that these cookies were cooked entirely from plant products, you would never have guessed that you would definitely like my sesame biscuits. Crunchy, thin, moderately sweet with a bright taste of sesame seeds. Everything will take some 20 minutes, and you can enjoy tea. Advantages of refined coconut oil ...

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Simply stunning apple pie

Stunning apple pie by potionsquirrel.ru

Biscuit-apple perfection, nothing less. This is not a charlotte and never will be. Today's apple pie is a soft vanilla sponge biscuit with a top of tender sweet-sour apples in a cinnamon-lemon marinade. And maybe it sounds abstruse and complicated, but in reality everything is elementary. A minimum of ingredients, a maximum of taste. Go. What apples to take for apple pie How big ...

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Italian dessert Tiramisu

Tiramisu doesn’t just mean “lift me up.” This is a great dessert, from which it is impossible to break away. Coffee tenderness in each spoon. Tiramisu - one of the finest of the existing desserts. He will never become obsolete and not get bored. These are creamy clouds with coffee splashes. It is a gentle air cream that hides sponge cakes soaked in strong coffee, a drop of liqueur and a pinch of cocoa. Italian dessert ...

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Meatballs in sour cream sauce


Juicy meatballs in a delicate sour cream sauce with a side dish of your choice. Tefteli or meatballs? Dictionaries prepare that both options are correct. But how do meatballs differ from meatballs? According to some data, meatballs are cooked only from ground meat or fish stuffing with spices and greens. On the other, they can put eggs, cheese, bread and onions. In the meatballs ...

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Tsvetaeva pie with apples, nuts and dried fruits

An incredible combination of crispy shortcrust pastry and tender spicy stuffing from apples, nuts and dried fruits in sour cream. If you live in Mother Russia, you have to learn to take different seasons. This is only possible if you find something you love every season. For example, autumn for me is the time of pumpkins and apples. I love these two products, especially apples. They are wonderful …

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Strawberry cake with cream

Air sponge cake, cream mousse with ripe strawberries and strawberry jelly. This dessert is Strawberry and Cream, with a capital letter. By the end of May, the weather seems to have decided to spare us, the frozen ones, and to donate some heat (and I did not even hope). To mark this, I decided to make a summer dessert, strawberry cake. But making a simple biscuit-cream cake was ...

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Hungarian goulash soup

Hungarian goulash soup. Photos, ingredients and a step-by-step recipe from potionsquirrel.ru

The brave soldier Schweik would have agreed immediately if he found out that I consider the goulash soup to be the best warming dish. Greetings, friends! Today's dish will be for avid meat eaters. And I offer to cook Hungarian goulash soup. Probably, my version is somewhat different from the generally accepted, but firmly convinced that it can withstand the comparison with the original. I tried to reproduce the very taste that conquered ...

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American Cookies Cookies

American cookies with pieces of dark chocolate from potionsquirrel.ru

The most real American cookies, they are cookies with chocolate chips. The American kitchen gave the world a lot of interesting dishes, especially desserts: great cheesecakes, chocolate brownies, pumpkin pies and, finally, cookies, with delicious looking chocolate pieces. How much, as a child, I dreamed to try these American cookies, which, according to Hollywood cinema, are an integral part of the kitchen environment! American ...

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