When I want to make curly cookies using stamps, I choose this recipe

Recently, I did not often cook sweets. That is why for a long time there has been no update in the sections “Baking” and “Desserts”. As always in winter, I wanted the impossible - fresh fruit and berries. Therefore, the refrigerator was crammed with apples, the freezer was filled with frozen mixtures for fruit drinks and smoothies, and the buffet was crammed with dried fruit.

But I can not stand for long without sugar. Especially since the molds for cookies, ordered by 2018 in October, finally came to me. Today I am sharing with you my favorite recipe for sugar chocolate chip cookies, which perfectly holds the shape.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

A few wonderful pastry girls shared this recipe with me a few years ago. I could not find the composition that allows you to get at the output of what you put in the oven. The contours were always deformed, and the drawing almost disappeared. With this cookie, everything was different.

Ingredients standard: butter, sugar, salt, flour, eggs, cocoa, baking powder. The dough is denser than the sand. It can rather be called sugar. Finished products fully retain the shape and pattern of the stamp. If desired, the top can be painted with icing or icing.


Can I make this cookie without cocoa, just vanilla?

This is possible, but the proportions of flour and cocoa will be different. If the recipe provides for 40 gr cocoa, you should replace it with 20-25 gr flour, but not 1: 1. Look for consistency.

Which cocoa powder is better to choose?

Best alcolized cocoa. It gives baking an incredibly rich taste, aroma and color of chocolate. Sold in a huge number of online stores and stores of goods for confectioners. But if you do not want to bother, take the classic, Golden Label. He has certainly become worse over the years, but he still works better than other brands.

How many cookies are stored?

I do not know exactly how much it is stored. At my house it disappears instantly, two days does not pass. But judging by the reviews, the day 4 remains mild

Can I store the dough in the fridge? If so, how much?

Yes, you can prepare the dough in advance or use not everything, but wrap the residue with a film and put it in the fridge (or better in the freezer). But remember, there are eggs, so you shouldn’t keep it for more than 2x days.