One of those recipes that you can do at least every day. Tired of this delicate taste is impossible!

Cutlets - a very good dish. They can be prepared from any ingredients from meat and poultry to seafood, vegetables and legumes. Today I offer a very simple and quick recipe for cod fish cutlets. It will be criminally tasty, I promise!

Do not forget the side dish of your choice, salad and sauce! For example, with ketchup and chopped parsley

How to cook fish patties

For fish cutlets, almost any fish is suitable. I prefer to choose the one with which the least need to mess around and which is easy to buy. In this regard, great cod. The fillets are large, boneless. It is easy to grind in a combine, blender or with a large chef's knife. In my recipe, cod fish cakes are quickly cooked and made juicy.

Cod well takes herbs and spices. Especially salt, black pepper, dill, anise and cilantro. What is interesting in this fish, it has a rather strong odor that almost disappears after heat treatment. Therefore, cutlets like even those who are not very fond of fish.

You can cook cod fish patties and freeze them for the future. To do this, it is necessary that the freezer maintains a temperature not higher than -18C. Put the cutlets on the cling film, cover with a second layer on top and squeeze out all the excess air if possible. Try to have each patty in its cell. So that the fish did not give the smell to the freezer, you should pack everything in two zip-packages. Store up to 1 month.

Ruddy cod cakes with buckwheat noodles fried with soy and fish sauces

Cod Fishcake Recipe

Cooking cod fish patties is a pleasure. On the mince takes no more than 15 minutes. There are two secrets of how to make the patties juicy. First, you need a little onion. And second, you need to properly use breadcrumbs.

As you know, crackers absorb moisture very well. In a cod it is a little, therefore cutlets can become dry. To avoid this, fill the breading with boiling water for 5 minutes before adding to the stuffing. Crackers quickly take away the water, swell. Minced meat will not become watery, but the cutlets, even after frying, will retain all the accumulated liquid and juice.

It is best to fry over medium heat. If you cook for children, you can put out the chops in a pan under a lid with a little water.

Simple cod protein is easily digested. Tip: meatballs can be used for fish burger!