Juicy chicken cutlets with zucchini

How about something easy and very simple? This dish, which is guaranteed to cook quickly and very tasty. Today I share my new favorite recipe for chicken cutlets with zucchini. Very juicy, ruddy and so stunning that it is impossible to stop at one. Dietary chicken cutlets with zucchini These cutlets are perfect for those who adhere to proper nutrition, is on a diet or ...

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Fideua with seafood

Today, one of the simplest, with the most refined and delicious recipes with seafood in Catalan. You must have heard about paella or even tried this wonderful multi-faceted Spanish dish. Today I want to share the recipe fideui. This is a variant of paella, where rice is replaced by noodles. The dish is simple, quite fast and delicious! History of Fideuis Fideuu owes its appearance to hungry sailors. BUT …

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Cod in white wine with basil

For more than half a year I lived as a vegan, completely eliminating all types of animal food. It was comfortable in the summer and fall. The family garden sponsored cucumbers and tomatoes, sweet peppers, crispy spinach, arugula and greens, zucchini and pumpkins. Berries and fruits were abundant, and with them vitamins. With the advent of cold weather everything became complicated. The diet is scanty. The feeling of hunger gradually ...

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Lime marinade chicken with avocado sauce

Tender juicy chicken breast in lime marinade with cilantro, roasted on the grill to keep maximum juice and flavor. And don't forget the ripe avocado sauce. Today will be a very simple, but amazingly delicious recipe for chicken in lime marinade with avocado sauce. Just 30 minutes, and dinner is ready, you will like it. The meat is marinated very quickly, acquires fresh ...

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Cod Fish Cakes

One of those recipes that you can do at least every day. Tired of this delicate taste is impossible! Cutlets are a very good dish. They can be prepared from any ingredients from meat and poultry to seafood, vegetables and legumes. Today I offer a very simple and quick recipe for cod fish cutlets. It will be criminally tasty, I promise! How to cook fish patties For ...

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Ginger beef with vegetables and red rice

A dish with notes of the east, combining great taste and benefit. Today is a dish for those who are for a healthy diet. Stewed in the oven tender meat with carrots and celery, seasoned with fresh spicy ginger, garnished with red rice. This is the maximum of taste and benefit in one. Recipe for beef stew with vegetables and ginger For the recipe I suggest using beef…

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Beef Wellington

One of those dishes that not only look perfect on a festive table, but also impress guests with taste. I have long been eyeing a Wellington beef recipe. The dish is not elementary. It is necessary to strictly follow the instructions, temperature and cooking time. But the result ... he is beyond praise. Juicy fragrant beef fillet (or veal) in an envelope of puff pastry with mushroom paste. ...

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Noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashews

Chicken with broccoli - a recipe from potionsquirrel.ru

And again, Asian motifs in the recipe. But where to go, the rare cuisine is so simple and fast. On the eve of the New Year, I want to share with you a recipe that you can use with pleasure during the holidays when you get tired of traditional salads. Today, again, Chinese cuisine. High-speed noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashew nuts. You will need only minutes ...

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Mongolian beef

Mongolian-appetizing beef recipe from potionsquirrel.ru

Today will be a dish of Asian cuisine. Bright, appetizing, easy to prepare - everything as I love. Meat-borne pieces of meat in a luxurious spicy sauce with crispy vegetables - that's what Mongolian beef is. The recipe combines mouth-watering Asian flavors and spicy flavors with a hint of chilli spiciness. Comes great with a portion of white rice. Mongolian beef history ...

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Rice with egg and Asian vegetables

The history of this dish goes back almost 15 centuries since the creation of the recipe. Today I present rice with eggs and vegetables in Chinese. The recipe is insanely simple, fast, yet healthy and nutritious. Eat it hot or cold. It will be delicious. Asian-Style Fried Rice Fried rice dishes have been known in ancient China for more than 8 thousand years ...

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Vegetarian cutlets from chickpeas with smoked paprika

Chickpeas cuttlets recipe by potionsquirrel.ru

Who said that vegetarians chew salads alone? Refusal from meat does not limit food, but makes it more thoughtful variety. In addition to meat, there are many foods that are rich in high-quality protein. For example, chickpeas. I love him for his sweetish taste, reminiscent of a chicken, and for his ability to adapt to any combination of spices. Oh, and chickpeas make breathtaking burgers. Now all ...

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Vegan meat balls from lentils in tomato sauce

Vegan lentil meatballs in tomatoe sauce by potionsquirrel.ru

If you are not a vegetarian yet, after this meal you will definitely becomeEven when I was a meat eater, I tried to enrich the diet with vegetable proteins. At first it was more for a change, and then I realized how great it is when you are not tied to a shelf life. Do you want to eat in a month, you want in two. About fresh meat can not be said. I have a lot ...

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