Rolls - one of those dishes that I cook often. I prefer vegetarian. Simple, fast, cheap and tasty.

They always take them with me instead of incomprehensible food, which is distributed in flight. Today I will tell you how to make delicious rolls with any fillings at home so that it is no worse than in a sushi bar.

Rolls with avocado, Japanese omelette and “Greek”

What you need for rolls

If you have never cooked house rolls before, you will have to spend a little money. First get a bamboo mat. With its help, you can quickly and beautifully roll an even roll. Also be sure to buy rice vinegar. Replace it with another impossible. Rice has a soft, slightly sweet taste and an unsharp flavor.

Rice is best to take exactly the one that comes with the words “for sushi”. It does not boil soft, keeps its shape, while in the process of cooking it gets the stickiness we need. In all the Magnets and Festive there is always rice by Sensoy. The packages are small, but there are enough rolls on 5. If you cook for a small company, it is better to take the 2 packaging.

Nowhere to go without sheets of nori. Take large sheets, better dense, write about it on the package. Thin can tear or crumble. Do not save.

Soy sauce, choose at your discretion. Kikkoman very tasty, but bites for the price. Heinz - sweet, for an amateur. Sensei is affordable, inexpensive, but it is better to dilute it with water.

And the last to throw in the basket pickled ginger and wasabi.

What are your favorite fillings? My - omelet, sesame and avocado!

What to cook rolls

As I said, I always cook vegetarian for myself. For filling I take avocado and cucumber. Sometimes I add cream cheese, sesame to them. A good one is “Greek roll” with tomatoes, cucumber, greens and cheese. Do not be surprised, it is also delicious.

For friends, I make classic rolls with salted salmon, smoked salmon or eel, boiled shrimps, mussels. Raw fish, of course, do not use. Where does it get fresh?

You can combine the ingredients at your discretion.

Ingredients found in each fridge

How to spice rice for sushi and rolls

If you are a lover of sushi and rolls, you should have noticed that the rice in them is not bland. In general, according to the Japanese, rice in sushi plays a crucial role. Therefore, the taste of the whole dish depends on how it is seasoned.

Cooked rice in unsalted water. On 2, servings of rolls need 2 cups of rice and 2,25 cups of water. I cook in a slow cooker on the “Pilaf” mode. It turns out perfect.

The finished rice is seasoned with a mixture of rice vinegar, salt with sugar. The main thing is to keep a balance.

Do not forget wasabi and soy sauce. Enjoy your meal!