Biscuit-and-apple perfection, no less.

It's not a charlotte, and it never will be. Today's apple pie is a soft vanilla sponge biscuit with a top made from delicate sweet and sour apples in a cinnamon-lemon marinade. And maybe it sounds way too difficult, but in fact everything is super easy. Minimum ingredients, maximum taste. Let's go.

See the cut? It's perfect!

What apples to use for apple pie

As a great apples admirer, I tried many varieties from super sweet to those extremly acidic. All are delicious, but not all work well in pies. Some are harsh, others are ready earlier then the pei itself. If possible, take Granny Smith apples. There is no other kind that would be better for apple pies. A bright sour taste and the ability to acquire an ideal consistency under the influence of temperature - these are the strengths of this variety.

If you don't like Granny Smith, use an alternative. Swee Tango or Golden. They are not the same as GS but can be fine in pies too. They are also juicy which is a good thing.

Try to give preference to the sour or sweet and sour varieties. They are always much better combined with a sweet biscuit dough, adding a bright taste to the cake. If you still chose sweet apples, squeeze out some lemon juice. Lime will work for this purpose too.

Perfect with coffee and/or black tea

How to make an apple pie

Unlike the classic charlotte, where as ingredients we use only apples, flour, sugar and eggs, here we add butter and spices. The cooking process will also be different. Better use a mixer, blender or planetary mixer, if you have one. These kitchen assistants will easily make the butter up to the required fluffy consistency, they are also indispensable when you start connecting eggs and butter. If you want to use your bare hands, you'll have to work very hard.

Ruddy handsome!

Now about flour. I always have a pack of rice or gluten-free mixture. Even a small amount of such flour makes the dough much more magnificent, crumbly, adds a barely noticeable pleasant granularity. Calm down! You can do without it, the taste does not suffer at all. But if you suddenly decide to conduct a culinary experiment, I promise you will not regret it.

Now let's talk about spices. Cinnamon and cardamom are simply irreplaceable for apples. These two wonderful spices will give an incredibly mouth-watering scent that will remind you of Christmas. It's always great to grind the seasonings by yourself in a coffee grinder or a mortar. This way there will be more essential oils and the smell will be more intense, more luxurious, more appetizing. You can also use ground spices. Now here is the recipe!

And how it smells! Apples and cinnamon are created for each other!