Useful apple and oatmeal

Delicious, healthy sweet breakfast without sugar and sugar substitutes? Easy!

My forced refusal of sugar, flour and most sweet products (including all dried fruits) seriously limited the range of recipes. But there was a great incentive to find new, more useful. Pancakes like always. Today meet sweet apple-oatmeal without sugar and flour for 5 minutes.

Oatmeal Fudge Recipe

The pancakes according to this recipe are airy, tender and moist thanks to the curd and apple slices. Each component is important and I do not recommend changing it to something else.

Oatmeal take only those that for long cooking. They will bring benefits, help to achieve the desired texture of the pancake. I use Hercules 15 a minute or more rough, “monastic”. Soft flakes do not work as they should. And of course not suitable for those who control sugar.

We also need applesauce and a piece of ripe sweet apple. Puree I buy the usual, intended for baby food, without sugar, dyes and preservatives. I take simple seasonal apples.

Cottage cheese is best used soft, cream. I like it in this recipe much more than that of briquettes. This is because it mixes easily with other ingredients.

Cooking oatmeal

This recipe requires a blender or combine. This will make it easy to connect all the components together effortlessly. Especially significant for Hercules flakes. An immersion blender is fine, if only it is available.

I fry the pancakes in a little oil. In general, you can cook in a dry frying pan, but then you need a non-stick coating, the minimum power of the stove and patience.

We will serve our healthy pancakes with browned apples and yoghurt. It will be very satisfying and tasty.

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