The most basic, basic pizza recipe that you can use as a canvas to create your favorite combination of ingredients

Order pizza or cook at home by yourself? I definitely vote for the latter. Moreover, the recipe is so simple that it will allow you to prepare excellent pizza at home without much financial or time costs. Today I share with you my favorite Margarita pizza recipe on thin dough.

You do not want to share it, I promise you!

Pizza Margarita Story

Pizza Margherita refers to the Neapolitan cuisine. The recipe was known back in the 18 century and included the classic unleavened pizza dough with tomato sauce, mozzarella slices and fresh green basil. Dried herbs of basil and oregano were allowed. In some cookbooks, the 18-19 of the century offered in addition to throw some grated Parmesan on top.

Contrary to some opinions, the classic Margarita got its name not from the Queen of the united Italy, Margarita of Savoy. It's all about drawing. Mozzarella slices laid out like a daisy. Slice in the center and petals around the edges.

Also, Margarita pizza can be found under the name "Neapolitana" or pizza "Marinara". The formulation and composition of the ingredients are similar.

Deliciously thin, minimum dough, maximum filling taste

How to cook pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita is elementary in cooking. The dough is very simple. It consists of a minimum set of components: wheat flour, bread baking dry yeast, sugar, salt, water and extra virgin olive oil (first cold pressed). The dough takes minutes 40-60 from the moment the ingredients are prepared until sent to the oven.

In winter, for sauce, it is best to use canned tomatoes in metal cans or tetrapack. Today they are easy to find in any supermarket from Magnit and Dixie to the Crossroads and Pyaterochka. In the summer, use freshly ground tomatoes.

From spices there will be garlic (better dried, it gives more flavor), dried oregano and basil. I love to use a few slices of dried tomatoes. They give a very nice taste to the sauce.

Mozzarella choose the most fresh. Do not give preference to “mozzarella for pizza” in briquettes. It is not as tasty and melts longer.

The beauty of Margherita pizza is that it is the basis on which you can, if desired, throw salami, pepperoni, ham, pieces of sweet bell pepper, pickled cucumbers. Or you can make 4 cheese pizza.

Perfect Margarita! Perfect!