Easter cottage cheese cake with raisins

Usually at Easter I either do not cook anything, or I make a quick, yeast-free cake with corn flour and saffron, but not this year. This will be a real classic cake with raisins and fudge. Soft, airy, porous and ... it prepares elementary. And what could be nicer?

How to cook a cake

For a long time I avoided the classic recipes of yeast dough cakes. All attempts to prepare anything worthwhile failed miserably, no matter how carefully I followed the instructions. It was too dry, it was hard, then ugly. I tried all the popular recipes "from grandmothers", which only found on the network. Deaf But this year I decided not to give up and defeat my enemy. Today's recipe will work for everyone, even beginners!

Easter cake is best to bake in a disposable form. You can buy them in any store. Choose several different sizes.

Get the yeast with special attention. They must be fresh! I usually use dry as the most affordable and reliable. If you have left the previous culinary experiments open bags, I do not advise to use. Take fresh packaging.

Flour will need classic wheat flour. Do not forget the step with sifting. So more air gets into the dough, and it will be more magnificent, softer, easier to rise.

Easter cake recipe

For the recipe you will need eggs and dairy products. Take a little milk, creamy fat cottage cheese, good butter no less than 82,5%. All this will make the dough very soft, tender and fragrant.

In the cake always put dried fruit. We will take a sweet white raisin and soak it all night in cognac. Berries are filled with alcohol, absorb pleasant smells that work best in baking.

The dough is kneaded easily. The most important thing - do not overdo it with flour and give it a proper rise. Be patient. No need to run every 15 minutes and check if yeast is working. Close the bowl tightly with a wrap, wrap a towel and forget about it for a couple of hours. If you carefully follow all the recommendations, everything will certainly work out.

Finished cakes need to cool before you put on them sweet. You will find the recipe for excellent icing in step-by-step instructions. You can decorate with chopped candied fruit, orange zest or sugar confetti, which filled the shelves of stores. And now to the recipe!