Eggplant and Mint Refreshing Paste

I noticed that there had been no pasta recipes for a long time, and yet I love her so much. Today will be a very simple and easy dish, ideal for summer.

I suggest cooking pasta with eggplants stewed in tomato sauce with black pepper and garlic, seasoned with fresh mint. Least effort, maximum taste.

Eggplant Pasta Recipe

The idea of ​​this recipe was inspired by the popular in Sicily dish called “pasta alla norma”. Sicilians are generally great connoisseurs of tomatoes and eggplants, only basil is taken as a flavor and aroma accent. And we will make the mint version more refreshing and suitable for summer.

Preparing pasta just minutes 15-20. For those who like me following the sugar, I recommend to take either whole-grain wheat pasta, or a novelty - half a whole whole-grain half-wheat pasta. It is not starchy, it boils quickly, but is a more useful analogue of wheat. To taste the differences you will not find.

Tomatoes can be taken from the jar already prepared sliced, either the trades, or a fresh ripe tomato. From the last do not forget to pre-remove the skin. In the recipe “pasta alla norma” ripe cherry is required. If you want, you can take them.

I ran out of fresh garlic, but I always have dried granules in reserve. I love them for a more intense flavor. But do not insist, use fresh garlic, if you want.

Mint replace melissa fail. Peppermint is also not very suitable. Need a classic with a sweet soft aroma.

Well, the final component, parmesan. It needs quite a bit, just add a light creamy touch. You can rub it on a fine grater, or you can, like me, make feathers.

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