And at first glance (or a bite) you can’t say that this dish does not contain any dairy products.

Recently, I began to like to experiment with products, to find a worthy replacement for the usual ingredients of animal origin. Today I suggest cooking orzo in a creamy sauce made from cashews, garlic and fresh basil.

What is orzo

Orzo (also known as rinzoni) is a type of Italian pasta. Small, in the form of barley or large rice. Hence the name it. orzo, which means in translation “perlovka”. It is made, as well as all paste, from firm grades of wheat. Used in salads, as a side dish to main dishes and in soups. When I first tried orzo, I could not even imagine that it was actually pasta. I wondered for a long time what cereal the dish was made of.

Brewed orzo no less than 8-10 minutes. After cooking, it retains its shape well, easily absorbed by the flavors and juices of sauces. You can find in any large supermarket.

How to cook vegan cream sauce

Many dairy substitute products are made from soy. But for my taste, they are all the same, whatever they were flavored or flavored. Therefore, I turned to another product. Cashew nuts.

From cashew nuts soaked for a day in clear water, wonderful vegetable milk is obtained. They can be the basis for vegan cheese and curd. And they can be used as a substitute for cream.

During the day, cashews in water become very soft, they are easy to process with a blender into a homogeneous white mass. Neutral, nuts take well any spices. And taste? The taste is very delicate, creamy. Ready to try?