It would seem that it may be easier to omelet? But such an elementary dish has its own secrets!

What do you prefer for breakfast? Do you want every day a new one or enjoy eating the same favorite dish every day? I belong to the second category. Today I am sharing with you a simple recipe for my last favorite among breakfasts, an omelet with tomatoes and feta cheese.

Tasty omelette secrets

To make a good omelet, you need to know a few secrets. Do not think that it is enough just to beat the eggs, pour them into the pan and fry until ready. First, decide which omelet you want: lush or regular.

For a delicious lush omelet, you definitely need some liquid. Some believe that it is milk and only milk. Others insist on mineral water with gas. Who is right? Both! The liquid is taken from the calculation of 1 / 2 shells on an 1 egg. The omelet will be airy, with air bubbles.

If you prefer the usual classic omelette, here too there are a couple of recommendations. First, beat eggs best with a fork. Second, we will fry in butter. No vegetable. The result is a tender, omelet that melts in your mouth.

Separately, I will say about the spices. There is nothing better than simple salt and black pepper. Try to add them to the eggs before you send the mass to the pan. So seasonings evenly distributed in a dish.

Prepare some sauce based on Greek yogurt, it will be superb!

Omelette Recipe with Tomatoes and Feta Cheese

Eggs go well with tomatoes. The main thing is to choose a variety in which there will not be too much liquid. Prefer cherry tomatoes. In winter, this is probably the only variety that retains even a little taste and aroma. Plus they are not watery.

Do not dwell on some tomatoes, I suggest to make an omelet with Greek notes. To do this, take a little feta. Choose a cheese, not a cheese product. The latter may be vegetable fats and a bunch of artificial thickeners and preservatives.

From spices I recommend oregano. This herb is great with feta and tomatoes. And if you are not against onions, throw a couple of circles of sweet red.

One of the best breakfast options!