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I was always fascinated by culinary programs, where cooks or simply cooking fans demonstrated their skills, turning ordinary products into wonderful interesting dishes. Looking at these people, I felt incredibly inspired and had a great desire to cook too!

I still remember my first time at the market with my dad. I felt so proud of myself that I was entrusted to by a whole bunch of ingredients for dinner. The salesmen were tired of my questions about this and that. I made them measure everything to a gram. Noone expected a tasty result from me, they just expected that it would be edible. But dishes turned out really cool. With this first praise from relatives began my hobby for cooking.

I've always had many interests: dancing, music, drawing and others. Gradually, everything lost its former attractiveness. At some point, I realized that I really like three things: food, travel and sports. And for me they are inextricably linked, I can talk about them for hours.

Food the first in the list because all my pages in social networks have always been stuffed with recipes (and I honestly cooked most of them) with my comments, as well as what better to change in the process to make it even tastier. Over the years I have collected a quite impressive "bank" of recipes, which I constantly share with my family, friends and acquaintances. They often lost recipes and endlessly asked me to repeat again and again, so I decided to collect everything in the blog so that everyone could find what they needed, share their opinions or secrets.

Traveling is a way to expand your horizons, to learn the culture of another country, including through the kitchen. From each trip I try to bring something new, whether it's a recipe, or ingredients, or advice from local housewives how best to cook their national dish. Cooking is the theme that always brings people together!

About the sport, you probably guessed it yourself, right? If I love food, then I need to work out a lot to be in shape!

That's how potionsquirrel.ru came into being, where I decided to share my favorite recipes, reveal my culinary secrets, tell in travel colors (and of course show in pictures). You are probably surprised by the name?

Why potionsquirrel?

Like I said, I like food, traveling and sports. But this, of course, not all. There are hobbies and interests that are very important for each of us, but in which it is difficult to find like-minded people.

Some people like cats, some like dogs, and I love squirrels. At school my friend gave me a book about Harry Potter for my birthday. I read them all and was incredibly impressed by this magical world where food is prepared by the stroke of a magic wand, and it was enough to weld the right potion from most of problems. That's how the name POTIONSQUIRREL appeared.

I sincerely hope that you will find in my blog something useful and tasty, that you will use my tricks and advice. And I hope that you will want to share your thoughts with me.

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