Atypical fish soup, because with bright tomatoes, spicy thyme and oregano. Easy and incredibly fast!

I know different recipes for fish soups. They are all delicious. But of course, over the years, the combinations of ingredients and spices I tried have already begun to bother. Today will be a new recipe for fish soup. Simple, fast, absolutely delicious and, best of all, you can cook it in a slow cooker.

A white goblet or a glass of herbal liqueur perfectly goes to the soup.

What fish to take for fish soup

We do not cook soup. Therefore, there are no restrictions on the type of fish as such. You can take the one that you like best or will be in the store. I personally prefer three: cod, hake and pike perch. Their meat is white, lean, easily digested, has no bright fishy smell and pronounced taste, cooks very quickly and gratefully accepts any spices. They are also always abundant in any large supermarket.

In addition to these three suitable halibut, pollock, pike, flounder and haddock. Some will love catfish and sea bass.

For this recipe, it is preferable to use fresh fish. It is always much tastier and healthier. When buying, pay attention to the smell, if it is intense, it is better to refuse. Fresh fish should not smell much. This will indicate that its expiration date has come to an end. In extreme cases, take a deep-frozen fish, but look at the presence of ice in the package. Ice chips indicate improper storage and re-freezing.

I prefer to take fillets without skin, so as not to waste extra time on cutting and preparation.

Thick fish soup with white crispy fresh bread

Fish Soup Recipe

The soup for this recipe is thick, fragrant and very light. Of the main ingredients you will naturally need fish, carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic. You can add celery sticks.

A tomato and a combination of fragrant thyme and oregano will serve as a flavor accent. Do not forget to add to the broth a couple of peas allspice, a pinch of freshly ground black and bay leaf. If at home there is a good dry white, use it! Enough 100 ml. White wine is ideal for fish, it will give the soup a special flavor and aroma. But it is possible to do without him.

Before cooking, collect all the ingredients together and boil water in the kettle. The soup is cooked quickly, you will not have time to search. Let's start with vegetable broth. When the potatoes and carrots are ready (it takes about 20 minutes), the time will come for the fish. Small pieces are cooked instantly. 5 will not pass minutes, as the soup will be ready. You will only need to season with thyme, oregano and a generous portion of fresh parsley. Serve with fresh crisp white bread.

Tasty fresh and after a night in the fridge