Sugar free soft ice cream

Today will be a very simple recipe. No, really, it can't be any easier. Just a couple of ingredients, a few strokes of the magic blender and voila, you have a delicious homemade ice cream without sugar, preservatives and colors.

There is nothing better in the summer heat

Homemade ice cream

When I faced the problem of sugar, I began to look for alternative snacks that would not cause glucose jumps. Each body perceives products in different ways. I even had to give up dried fruit. Only some fruits and berries are left. And it's hot outside. I want ice cream!

The idea of ​​this elementary ice cream was born by chance, but I liked it so much and everyone at home that it was clear that it was time to get the recipe on the site. It's nice that there will be no problems with the ice cream maker. You also do not need to put the mass in the freezer and stir it every half an hour so that the consistency freezes evenly. Two minutes and ready, you can burst.

Sprinkle with pistachios and fresh or frozen berries.

Sugar Free Soft Ice Cream Recipe

The ingredients are the simplest. You will find them in any supermarket, or maybe everything is already at your home. Need fruit puree and frozen berries. I buy jars of baby apple or apple-sour puree without adding sugar or preservatives.

Berries take deep freeze. My favorite - raspberry. On 200 a gram of fruit puree goes 200-250 a gram of frozen raspberry berries. I am not getting rid of the pits. Blender shreds them quite well, and they do not annoy me.

Tried a combination with fresh and frozen strawberries. In the first case, a lot of water. In the second, it interferes, but in the form of crystals. The best options for mashed potatoes + raspberries and mashed potatoes + blueberries. I'm sure it will be delicious with frozen peach. For those who are not afraid of sugar, suitable bananas, pineapples, mangoes.

You need to eat right away!

My favorite treat this year 🙂

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