How about something light, sunny and bright? Today will be a difficult recipe. Do not worry, I do not mean that the cooking process is confused. I'm about taste.

I suggest cooking carrot cream soup with orange and saffron. Delicate and at the same time spicy, with strong notes of chili - ideal in deceptive spring weather.

Top cream and caramelized pumpkin seeds

Saffron, useful properties

Even today, saffron is one of the most expensive spices. Get it from the dried stigmas of saffron flowers (he Crocus sativus). One flower gives the entire 3 stigma, and for a kilogram you have to process 200 thousands of flowers. The bulk of saffron comes to the market from Iran, where they grow up to 90% of the world total.

A bag of saffron today will cost about 100 rubles for a very modest portion, but enough for a few times. Even a very small amount fills the dishes with aroma and a peculiar bitter taste. Saffron is often used in Asian cuisine. Also, Spanish paella and Catalan fideuá cannot do without it.

Do not think that this spice can boast only taste. Saffron is extremely useful. There is evidence that it contains crocetic acid is very effective for the fight against cancer cells. It is also known that saffron is indicated for depression.

The soup is very light and tender

Carrot cream soup recipe

The recipe consists of 2x parts. The soup itself and crispy topping of caramelized pumpkin seeds with chili for serving. It will be a double enjoyment.

Vegetable soup on light vegetable broth. I cook the simplest and fastest onion, carrot, celery and tomato. As for the vegetables that we will use directly for the cream soup, you will need: carrots, onions and garlic. Instead of immediately throwing everything into the broth, we pre-bake them with a pinch of hot pepper.

It is very difficult to get off with one plate!

Saffron and orange peel will serve as a flavor accent. They are perfectly combined with carrot sweetness, do not interrupt, but rather emphasize it. Saffron, being a natural orange dye, will also provide a more intense, appetizing soup color.

To smooth out a little bit of sharpness, take a heavy cream. I recommend at least 20%. Vegans can use coconut, the main thing is that it contains only coconut milk and coconut pulp without emulsifiers, otherwise the soup will lose its appeal.

Serve the soup with caramelized pumpkin seeds.

Do not eat all the pumpkin seeds without soup)))