Dear vegans, this recipe is for us! Only vegetable, no animal for this cake was not affected.

I've been experimenting a lot in recent months. I try to replace components of animal origin in baking like gelatin, butter and dairy products with vegetable products. Successful recipes appear on the site. One of them was wonderful sesame cookies. Today I present a carrot-coconut vegan cake with pineapples and nuts.

How to replace butter and eggs in baking

There are a number of ingredients that perform an indispensable role in baking, give it certain properties. So egg whites are responsible for fluffiness and work as a thickener. Butter contributes to the fact that pastries are softer and more tender. To exclude these components without significant loss of taste is impossible. That is why we will replace them.

The closest and affordable analogue of butter is coconut refined. It gives no taste or smell. It does not affect the color or texture, does not bake fat, unlike sunflower oil. Coconut oil is well whipped, quickly increasing in volume - everything is like cream. The difference in quantity. Vegetable always need less. So 200 grams of butter corresponds to a coconut 1 / 2 cup.

Eggs can also be replaced. Unfortunately, there is not a substitute for all the functions of the protein, but the main thing is to thicken - by virtue of a banana, applesauce, chia seeds and flax, tofu. Most often, I take bananas. On 1, an egg will have an 1 / 2 banana.

Carrot & Coconut Vegan Cake Recipe

With the basics figured out, now about the cake. Cakes will be very juicy and fragrant thanks to pineapples, cinnamon, star anise, cloves and nutmeg. No need to soak in syrups. Basics hold their shape well, do not fall apart. The texture is dense. Taste is many-sided due to well combined components. Walnuts leave at your discretion. I always put it myself. They crunch nicely and bring a little needed loose crust.

Cream elemental. Pure coconut cream and icing sugar. It makes no sense with such an abundance of flavors and aromas to overload the cream with additives like vanilla. Try to find a cream without emulsifiers. To make the cream thick and keep the shape, there is a small secret. A jar of cream must be pre-refrigerated. Cooling, the cream will rise to the top. Do not shake the jar before preparing the cream, we need to get rid of the liquid as much as possible. Beat better in an ice tank.