Lemon cake

I know that many are afraid to take on mousse cakes. Often I hear "I would like it simpler, Prague or Medovik. I don’t know from which side to approach the gelatin."

Here are just labor costs for Prague and Medovik no less, and the result is not always the way you want. Mousse are never disappointing. And how many options and combinations of tastes! Today meet, lemon mousse cake with pistachio chiffon biscuit and pistachio with mascarpone cream.

Lemon Cake Recipe

This cake consists of three layers. The first is an airy nut biscuit. The second is a very gentle cream based on cream, mascarpone cheese with pistachio liqueur. The third - and most important - the lightest lemon mousse with white chocolate.

You can make a cake in a few hours. The cake is baked very quickly, just 10-12 minutes. For each next layer takes about 30 minutes, plus another about an hour to freeze in the freezer.

From the equipment and inventory you will need:

  • powerful mixer, better if planetary, but quite suitable and ordinary
  • kitchen scales (you can't get away with glasses and spoons)
  • two split forms with a diameter of 18 cm and 20 cm or two rings
  • baking parchment
  • silicone spatula not to lose a single gram

With the ingredients have to be confused. I will not convince you that it is definitely worth it. Just know that the cake has disappeared in a couple of hours. Something you can cook yourself. I bought pistachio flour, but its quality did not fully suit me, so the next time I will grind on my own. Mascarpone today is in every supermarket chain, as well as fat cream. White chocolate I used professional in drops. Buy a similar quality simple chocolate I did not work. On sale is "Russia" and "Alpen Gold." Both are not perfect in quality at all.

Most likely you ask where to get pistachio liqueur? I propose to replace it with pistachio syrup, vanilla extract with the addition of Amaretto or coffee at your discretion.

Cooking Lemon Cake

First of all we bake pistachio sponge cake. This recipe is also surprisingly called “chiffon biscuit,” but it is made very simply. Ingredients: pistachio flour, egg white, sugar and powder.

Next, prepare the second layer of mascarpone cream with cream. My main accent is pistachio liqueur. It gives color, aroma and light nutty flavor. I suggested an alternative in the section above.

The final will be a lemon layer of whipped cream with white chocolate. The bright aroma and taste of citrus combined with the soft sweetness of white chocolate and soft cream make this layer perfect. Yellow, you guessed it, is obtained by dye. I usually take gel, but this time I tried powder. To be honest, I liked the result a lot more - bright pure color.

You can store the cake for a couple of days in the refrigerator, or up to several weeks in the freezer. In the latter case, cover it with a film.

For decoration used white chocolate, crispy waffles, pistachios and blueberries. It would probably be great to cover it with a mirror glaze.

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