And again, Asian motifs in the recipe. But where to go, a rare kitchen is so simple and fast

On the eve of the New Year, I want to share with you a recipe that you will be happy to use on holidays when you get tired of traditional salads. Today, again, Chinese cuisine. High-speed noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashew nuts. You will need only minutes 20 time from the moment the ingredients are prepared until serving. Not bad, right?

Quick noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashews recipe from
The dish looks beautiful on the table

Chicken, Broccoli and Cashew Noodle Recipe

Dish nourishing. The cooking process is elementary. Cook noodles, cut the breast and vegetables, fry, put it all together. From spices there will be only garlic, black pepper and soy sauce. A pinch of spices plus a couple of spoons of soy is enough to achieve the desired flavor and taste. I have cherry tomatoes in the photo. I threw them for additional color, you can do without them. You can decorate the dish with fresh cilantro greens and green onion feathers.

Pay attention will have only two points: the broccoli should be Al Dente and Asian noodles need to cook properly.

What is al dente

There is an Italian term, Al Dente. Literally, it means “to the teeth”. Previously, it was used only in relation to pasta, when they wanted to say that the paste should maintain a slight hardness (resistance) when biting.

Today, this expression is true for meat and vegetables and symbolizes “half-cooked”. Al Dente's meat will be pinkish with blood. Vegetables will crackle slightly on the teeth. With regard to vegetables, it is true to note that this method of cooking allows you to save more vitamins.

Noodles with chicken, broccoli and cashews recipe from
This is what broccoli al dente looks like.

How to cook buckwheat noodles

I will tell you how to cook Asian noodles on the example of buckwheat. The same method is applicable for egg noodles, and for wheat udon noodles. First, the cooking time is strictly limited. For yakisoba this is 5 minutes. Boil more and get softened pieces of flour. Second, the noodles love a douche.

Always prepare a colander and a bowl of cold water in advance. As soon as the set cooking time has passed, remove the noodles from the stove, throw in a colander and rinse. Do not ignore this step. Not washed, noodles in a couple of minutes will become a sticky lump. But as soon as you wash off the extra starch, you can leave it for a few hours.

Bon appetit and happy holidays!

Chicken with broccoli and cashews recipe from
It can be seen that the noodles are well preserved form