Tender juicy chicken breast in lime marinade with cilantro, roasted on the grill to keep maximum juice and flavor. And don't forget the ripe avocado sauce.

Today will be a very simple, but amazingly delicious recipe for chicken in lime marinade with avocado sauce. Just 30 minutes, and dinner is ready, you will like it. The meat is marinated very quickly, acquires fresh summer notes, and the grill helps to lock in the juice and flavors inside. Ready? Go.

Perfectly balanced food!

Quick marinade for chicken with lime and cilantro

Chicken meat gratefully accepts almost any marinade. Especially successfully work those that are based on citruses: lemon, lime, orange. Fruit acids help make meat softer, more tender. Peel gives an attractive mouthwatering flavor.

It will take only 2 minutes to make lime marinade. Ingredients are juice and lime zest, cilantro, olive oil, salt and a pinch of ground cumin. I recommend using zip-packages for quick marinating. With them you will need much less time than in a container due to the fact that the sauce will completely cover the chicken meat.

Put the packets of chicken to marinate at room temperature. After 15 minutes, you can already get the meat out of the bag and fry. I prefer to use electric grill. You may be using a multi cook or frying pan with stripes. All options will do.

Rosy Appetizing Chicken with a Crisp

The secrets of delicious grilled chicken

Use fresh chicken breasts. It is better that the pieces are the same size. So you will be sure that the chicken is marinated evenly, and all portions will be fried at the same time.

Be sure to carefully grease the electric grill (pan) with vegetable oil, even if the surface is non-stick. You can use a napkin, brush or spray for these purposes. So your chicken won't stick.

It is best to let the chicken rest for a while at room temperature before frying. Ten minutes will be enough. Why do we do this? During frying, room temperature proteins are more evenly cooked.

Always pre-heat the pan / electric grill to the desired temperature before placing the chicken. This will allow to achieve crisp and beautiful grill strips, while the meat remains juicy and tender inside.

Depending on the size, the chicken breast is cooked by 4-7 minutes on each side. If you, like me, have two-sided electro grill, enough 7 minutes for everything. Ready breast should not be cut immediately. Let her lie down for 5-10 minutes.

Be sure to make it with avocado sauce, it will be incredibly tasty!

What to take to garnish a chicken with lime

The dish has a very bright summer taste and aroma. Therefore, the question may arise, what to apply for a side dish. Personally, I prefer boiled white rice Basmanti, broccoli (necessarily al dente), asparagus, green beans or stewed zucchini.

Cheers will go tomato salad with red onions or romano lettuce.

If you like the taste of quinoa, the white variety will work fine too. Do not forget to sprinkle with olive oil and lime juice.

Garnish at your discretion!