Chinese sweet-and-sour chicken

Chicken in sweet and sour sauce is a dish that can be served every day, and on special occasions. Change the side dishes, let it be white rice today, and tomorrow buckwheat or glass noodles. Fantasize, it will be delicious!

One of the most simple and popular dishes of Chinese cuisine. Bright sweet and sour sauce, tender chicken meat and white rice for garnish.

Sometimes, getting fed up with the usual food, you begin to plow the expanses of the Internet in search of new delicious dishes. If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, but tried it only in a restaurant, and would like to cook yourself, it is better to start with this simple and delicious chicken recipe in sweet and sour sauce in Chinese. Bright sauce, which hides a tender juicy chicken on a cushion of white rice ... Just a dream!

Chinese cuisine is very diverse, because each region had its own traditions and features. So Cantonese cuisine is considered sweet and is known for its crispy and delicate dishes from various types of meat. Sichuan cuisine consists mainly of spicy, strongly spicy food; hot peppers and garlic are used in dishes. Shandong cuisine, widespread in the north of China, is known for seafood and cereals. Fujian cuisine, in turn, absorbed some of the features of Japanese cuisine, including the use of mushrooms and bamboo shoots in cooking, and consists mainly of soups. Hunan cuisine, as well as Sichuan, is distinguished by the spiciness of food, but is usually less fatty, stewed, fried or smoked. And, of course, the most popular Jiasu cuisine. It is widely known all over the world. The focus of the jiazu kitchen is on the combination of tastes and colors in cooking.

Of the main ingredients in Chinese cuisine can be identified rice, noodles and soy. The dishes use any kind of meat, poultry, fish and seafood. Of vegetables - Peking cabbage, sprouts of beans and celery.


See how diverse Chinese food is? Honestly, I never found in one source, which of the branches is the chicken in a sweet and sour sauce, the recipe of which you will find below. Assumptions, too, will not build. One thing I can say for sure, this dish was present in every Chinese restaurant I was in, both in Russia and abroad. Of course, I would like to go to China and find out everything on the spot, and at the same time learn some local secrets. In the meantime, let's cook together a recipe for chicken in a sweet and sour sauce with pineapples.