Soft creamy taste and the aroma of forest mushrooms will completely quench your hunger.

Today, when the street is chilly and dank, I want to share a recipe for a nutritious thick mushroom cream soup with chicken. He will warm, nourish, fill with energy and cheer up, because a well-fed person is always kinder. A rich taste of mushrooms with cream, a lot of easily digestible protein - that's what makes this recipe so special.

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Mushroom soup recipes with chicken

If you went to my section of soups, you probably noticed that mashed potatoes and cream soups dominate. This is not accidental. Yes, I love them very much. But there is also a whole story. It was in sunny hot Italy, where on the final day of rest the husband managed to get into a bicycle accident on a cycling track. I was not with him at that moment. I'll skip the details of finding a hospital in another city. I will only say that any misadventures abroad are doubly more terrible. After many hours in the hospital, X-ray and CT, the diagnosis was "multiple fractures of the lower jaw." And this means that you can not load it with food.

The operation was already done in Russia. The surgeons collected jaws from more than 20 fragments. They said not to chew for a month. It was here that we had to include our culinary fantasy to the maximum, so that the dishes were varied, hearty (many with a broken jaw can not eat) and tasty (otherwise quite melancholy). You might think that it was enough just to shove any dish into the blender, then no. You can not imagine what a muck borscht-puree or chopped chicken soup. So in one day a recipe of mushroom cream soup with chicken was born.

Mushroom cream soup with chicken, recipe and photo from

How to Make Mushroom Cream Soup

A really delicious mushroom soup will only be if the forest mushrooms participate in its preparation. Only they will give the dish a unique flavor and bright taste. Mushrooms can be taken fresh, frozen or dried. I usually always keep a can of dried. They give a more intense forest smell than fresh ones, and a few bites are enough for the broth.

If you cook with fresh mushrooms, do not forget to wash and clean them beforehand. Boil the mushrooms, for example, you need at least half an hour. Do not forget to remove the foam from the surface of the broth. In the company to the dried you can safely take champignons. When mushrooms are ready, you can add additional ingredients. I have chicken breasts and potato cubes. You can limit one potato. At the very end, when the dish is completely ready and you grind all the ingredients in the puree, the time will come for the cream. Never add them at the beginning or middle of the process.

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