Easter cottage cheese cake with raisins

Usually at Easter I either do not cook anything, or I make a quick, yeast-free cake with corn flour and saffron, but not this year. This will be a real classic cake with raisins and fudge. Soft, airy, porous and ... it prepares elementary. And what could be nicer? How to cook a cake for a long time I avoided the classic recipes ...

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Cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker

You can call me lazy, but if I can unload myself, I will certainly do it. That is why I have in my kitchen a lot of all sorts of devices designed to save time and effort. Today will be a very simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker. Airy, tender, not cloying and very appetizing! Recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker How does this recipe for casserole differ from ...

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Sugar cookies that keep their shape

When I want to make curly cookies with the use of stamps, I choose this particular recipe. Recently I have not often made sweets. That is why for a long time there has been no update in the sections “Baking” and “Desserts”. As always in winter, I wanted the impossible - fresh fruits and berries. Therefore, the refrigerator was bursting with apples, the freezer was filled with frozen mixtures for fruit drinks and smoothies, ...

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Giant cookies

Large cookies for real sweet teeth. Some desserts are made to share. For example, cookies cookies with chocolate chips, will be an excellent gift for the New Year or Christmas. Easy to cook - nice to give. What cookies are Kukis, they are cookies, these are cookies from America. They are prepared chocolate or vanilla, always add pieces of white, milk or ...

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Simply stunning apple pie

Stunning apple pie by potionsquirrel.ru

Biscuit-apple perfection, nothing less. This is not a charlotte and never will be. Today's apple pie is a soft vanilla sponge biscuit with a top of tender sweet-sour apples in a cinnamon-lemon marinade. And maybe it sounds abstruse and complicated, but in reality everything is elementary. A minimum of ingredients, a maximum of taste. Go. What apples to take for apple pie How big ...

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Russian blini

Thin pancakes on yogurt recipe potionsquirrel.ru

Do not forget about traditional Russian pancakes on kefir in Shrovetide, cook with us. The time has come for Shrovetide. So you can pamper yourself and your loved ones with pancakes for a week. It’s boring to cook the same things, so there’s not much recipe for pancakes, there’s a need for variety. I have already told you about pancakes, oatmeal with berries and thin, which can be wrapped ...

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Cream "Plombir"

Amazing cream, which taste like two drops of water repeats ice cream ice cream. Beautiful, well-kept form, pleasant in work. In the article “Pastry creams” in the blog I described the main types of creams and told about how to prepare them and for what to use. Naturally, I did not cover everything. My three most favorite creams did not fit into any classification. ...

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Chocolate muffins with chocolate

Recipe for chocolate muffins with pieces of dark and white chocolate from potionsquirrel.ru

This is my personal ode to chocolate. Fragrant muffins with a rich taste of cocoa and pieces of chocolate. I have told you more than once that I am a shockaholic. If there were support groups for shock-wits, then I would definitely go to them. “I’m Nellie and I’m a Shogher. Today I cooked chocolate muffins again, do I need a recipe? ”- so I would start every ...

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Biscuit chocolate roll with cream "Plombir"

I believe in miracles. And how else, when there is so much tasty in the world. Take at least this chocolate roll with an incredible cream Plombir. Those who are with me for a long time know about my craving for everything chocolate. I can say that there are some advantages in being a shogger. I always know what to order in a cafe. Or cook at home. ...

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Rice porridge with berries

Porridge-oatmeal, and rice porridge is much tastier. Delicate as pudding, creamy, it goes well with berries, fruits and nuts. Rice porridge for me is an unconditional favorite. It is very energizing, not to mention the fact that it is tasty and healthy. To eat such porridge in the morning is the same as to have breakfast with dessert. The secret of perfect rice porridge The most important thing in rice porridge ...

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Banana pancakes

Delicious and fragrant banana pancakes will make your breakfast much better!

Banana pancakes for those who love a delicious full breakfast, which does not need to spend a lot of time. Everyone loves bananas. Everything except me a few years ago. I couldn’t stand bananas for the spirit, even left the room if someone was going to eat one. Separate torture began in closed spaces, such as an airplane, from which it was impossible to escape. But that all changed when I tried ...

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