Useful apple and oatmeal

Delicious, healthy sweet breakfast without sugar and sugar substitutes? Easy! My forced refusal of sugar, flour and most sweet products (including all dried fruits) seriously limited the range of recipes. But there was a great incentive to find new, more useful. Pancakes like always. Today meet sweet apple-oatmeal without sugar and flour for 5 minutes. Recipe for Pancakes Fritters…

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Easter cottage cheese cake with raisins

Usually at Easter I either do not cook anything, or I make a quick, yeast-free cake with corn flour and saffron, but not this year. This will be a real classic cake with raisins and fudge. Soft, airy, porous and ... it prepares elementary. And what could be nicer? How to cook a cake for a long time I avoided the classic recipes ...

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Cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker

You can call me lazy, but if I can unload myself, I will certainly do it. That is why I have in my kitchen a lot of all sorts of devices designed to save time and effort. Today will be a very simple recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker. Airy, tender, not cloying and very appetizing! Recipe for cottage cheese casserole in a slow cooker How does this recipe for casserole differ from ...

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Cottage cheese and lemon biscuits

Lemon and curd biscuits. Photo, ingredients, step-by-step recipe from

Wonderful soft cottage cheese cookies with hints of lemon, covered with white chocolate. Perfect with hot cocoa. I am sweet. In my house you can always find some baking: cookies, muffins, cupcakes, muffins, and sometimes even a cake. Just look at the sections "Baking" and "Desserts", which is not. Today I decided to share one of my favorite quick desserts for tea. ...

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Lush curd cakes

Sometimes accidents lead to unexpectedly pleasant results. So my recipe for lush cheesecakes was born. I firmly believe that there are not many recipes for cheesecakes. So get ready, today there will be another one. Lush cheesecakes. Unlike traditional ones, they are airy, more like curd buns. Sour cream, whipped cream, jam or condensed milk perfectly approaches to them. And you can ...

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Curd cheese cakes with whole grain flour

Golden ruddy curd cheese cakes with whole-grain flour for breakfast from

A simple and tasty, everyone's favorite breakfast of cheese curds with jam and sour cream can be made even better if you use whole grain flour for cooking. Fewer calories - more good. People, and I am not an exception, tend to wake up from time to time in a bad mood. Such is life, and this is normal, the main thing is to correct the situation in time. If …

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