Dish with notes of the east, combining great taste and benefit

Today is a dish for those who are for a healthy diet. Stewed in the oven tender meat with carrots and celery, seasoned with fresh spicy ginger, garnished with red rice. This is the maximum of taste and benefit in one.

Beef Stew Recipe with Vegetables and Ginger

For the recipe, I suggest using beef tenderloin as the most tender part. The meat is pre-marinated in ginger soy sauce, which allows you to soak up the flavors and flavors. There is great news for lovers of fiery spicy dishes! Feel free to add sliced ​​hot pepper to the marinade.

Vegetables are best suited carrots and celery. They add flavor to the sauce. It is better to cut vegetables large, so they will retain their shape after stewing. Do not forget about garlic. In this case, I recommend taking dried granules.

Since today's dish, beef stew with vegetables, is inspired by Asian cuisine, green feathers or onions and fresh cilantro are certainly needed for serving. On the side - of course rice. But not simple white, but much more useful, red.

The beneficial properties of red rice

Of all the types of rice, red is considered the most useful. The grain shell remains intact, reliably preserving amino acids, vitamins and minerals inside. So red rice is a good source of B vitamins, copper, potassium, iodine, phosphorus and magnesium. It has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, the quality of hair and nails, the health of the heart and blood vessels.

In unpolished red rice a lot of fiber, which helps to improve the work of the digestive tract, rid the body of excess debris. This variety is digested long enough, which will allow you to less likely to experience hunger. The glycemic index of the product is low. That is why red rice is one of the main places in the diet of fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Cook red rice is best on the stove. Multivarka bad for him. Getting ready fast. Cooking time under the lid takes only 25 minutes. The ratio of parts of water and rice 2,5: 1. Boiled rice can be fried with a drop of vegetable oil and your favorite spices.