Perfect milkshake with fresh raspberries

Today we will be saved from the summer heat with the help of the most beloved drink of all.

Do you like milkshakes? My family simply adore, especially now, in the heat. The recipe is more elementary, so you can cook as much as you like. For yourself, you take only the best ingredients, which means it will always be very tasty.

Milk cocktail at home

I prefer to make smoothies based on milk, ice cream and fresh berries. They are moderately sweet, well cooled. The most beloved is raspberry. You can also add a few mint leaves for a more refreshing taste.

The proportions of ice cream and milk you define yourself. My family loves a thicker cocktail, so I always reduce the amount of milk.

From the equipment we need a blender or minicombine. You can use an immersion blender or a smoothie machine. The main thing is that the device can properly mix the components.

Also, do not forget the strainer to strain the raspberries from the seed and remove large pieces of mint leaves. Berries can be taken frozen.

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