Fast food does not always have to be harmful.

Yes, it can be overcooked chicken, french fries in butter, mayonnaise, etc., which will make your sugar fly to the skies and give an unwanted weight gain. Or maybe homemade gyros with pita bran, baked potatoes and chicken, fresh vegetables and a light tzatziki sauce based on Greek yogurt.

Greek street food “Gyros”

I'm a fan of gyros. I tried different on different Greek islands and never tastes were identical. This is surprising, because the composition included wheat bread, tomatoes, minced meat, potatoes, red onions, greens, and classic tzatziki sauce made from thick Greek yogurt.

The best gyros was found in Crete in a small inconspicuous restaurant, where only locals came in and went out with a large package. An elderly chef cooked a bird on the coals very cleverly. The meat just melted in the mouth, especially when combined with baked potatoes, fresh vegetables and gravy. And everything seems to be like everyone else. Nothing new. The price of some 2 euro per serving. But how did he manage to put in just as much as you need for you to feel each ingredient and enjoy it. After the first time we went to him all week. Attempts to “change” have never been successful.

Gyros recipe

The gyros themselves prepare quickly, but the components require preparation. Everything is clear with raw vegetables, they just need to be cut as you like. I usually cut tomatoes into circles, and onions into half rings.

Potatoes will bake according to the recipe Country style potatoes with herbs and spices. Now the season of the young potato is just beginning, so you can not peel the skin - just wash it thoroughly with a brush and cut into slices. The baking time will be 40-60 minutes, depending on the size of the slices and the power of your oven.

Chicken (you can turkey or pork, if you like) cook as you like. You can bake pieces of meat in the oven, and you can chop and fry in a pan. It all depends on how much time you want to spend at the stove.

For tzatziki sauce, you need fresh cucumber, Greek yogurt, parsley or cilantro, a drop of white wine vinegar and lemon juice. Cucumber can be grated or finely chopped, but do not forget to squeeze the juice, otherwise the sauce will be too thin or tilted.