Fruit ice

This year's summer is hot. This is beautiful, but at the same time constantly wants to cool not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

When you can't sugar, it becomes an easy task. I have already shared a recipe for soft ice cream, and today there will be fruit ice on a stick. Such as in childhood. Only without adding sugar.

Making natural fruit ice

Fruit ice can be made from any fruits and berries. For this we need the following inventory:

  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • Sieve (to get rid of the bones)
  • Eskimo Molds

I propose the 4 version of fruit ice, which will be appreciated by both children and adults. Everything will take about half an hour. Plus 2-4 hours to freeze depending on how good your freezer is.

Blueberry + Strawberry

All berries must be carefully washed. We cut off unripe pieces from strawberries, sort out blueberries from spoiled berries. I have fleshy strawberries with little liquid, so I take some water, about 50 ml.

Mix berries and water, beat for 2-3 minutes in a blender at a good speed. If the blender is weak, the skin from the blueberry and strawberry seeds will break out of the total mass. Strain everything through a sieve. One time should be enough. Pure puree can be laid out in molds.

Grapefruit + Orange + Lemon

This is a real citrus blast! Sweet orange, bitter grapefruit and sour lemon. I love this combination. Refreshing and invigorating at the same time.

For squeezing the juice, you can use a citrus juicer or do it manually with a knife. The resulting juice must be filtered from small bones and fallen pulp. Next, pour into forms.

Strawberry + Apple

It will be thicker saturated ice due to the pulp of the apple. As always, I use ready-made baby puree without preservatives, sweeteners and dyes.

Wash the strawberries and cut off all the unripe pieces and greens. In the blender add mashed potatoes and pieces of berries. Mix well at high speed - done. Can be poured into forms. Ice cream will be very tender to taste. The apple does not get out ahead. Focus more on strawberries.

Raspberry + apple

Well, my favorite, since I recently became a huge fan of raspberries. Berries can be taken both fresh and frozen. An apple or in the form of fresh juice, or the good old mashed potatoes.

Raspberry and apple mix and how to punch in a blender. Put the prepared mass through a sieve at least 1 times to get rid of the bones. Then put in the form and put in the freezer.

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