Today is one of the simplest, with the most delicious and delicious recipes with seafood in Catalan

You have probably heard about paella, or even tried this beautiful multi-faceted dish of Spanish cuisine. Today I want to share the recipe fideui. This is a variant of paella, where rice is replaced by noodles. The dish is simple, quite fast and delicious!

Fideua with mussels, scallops, tiger prawns and white fish

Fideua dish history

Fideuah owes its appearance to hungry sailors. And the story came next.

It was in Gandia, in the province of Valencia in Spain. Gabriel Rodriguez Pastor worked as a cook on a ship with an assistant, a young man named Juan Batista Pascual. The captain of the vessel was a great lover of rice. He ate a lot, did not deny himself, but the sailors regularly did not receive their rations arròs a banda (rice dish, fish broth).

And of course do not forget the lemon

The cook felt sorry for the sailors, so he began to look for an alternative to rice. The idea was that the captain did not really like the food, and he would stop eating the team. So rice changed noodles. The dish was accepted with a bang, and soon the recipe spread to all the port eateries and restaurants.

Similar to paella, fideu is cooked in fish broth in a wide flat pan without a lid, although it is allowed to use a baking dish. Usually, squid, mussels and shrimps are taken as filling. Often add lean fish. There are also options with chicken, no less tasty than the original.

Do not forget the glass of your favorite white dry

Fideua recipe

Frankly, not all Spanish mistresses spend time on cooking broth. Store shelves are filled up with ready-made tetrapacks of chicken and meat broths, as well as fish broths with seafood. The latter are just in the shopping baskets. But we will cook your broth. Instructions can be found in the recipe.

You will also need shrimp, squid and mussels. You can take white fish like cod, hake or sea bass. I know fresh is problematic, so feel free to take the deep-frozen seafood cocktail.

From the spices you need garlic, black pepper, fresh parsley and of course saffron. It is he who gives the dish a beautiful golden color. Be sure to take a dry white wine. I prefer the Spanish brand Torres. Their white wines are very aromatic and do not give the dishes a sour taste.

Of course in the pan