Elementary pasta with shrimps

If you love pasta as well as I love it, then you will definitely like this simple recipe for spaghetti with shrimps. Easily and quickly prepared, a minimum of ingredients and maximum taste.

There is nothing better than pasta. And, not some pasta, namely pasta from durum wheat. It is delicious just with olive oil and a pinch of black pepper. And if you add the sauce or filling! Today, the menu is a very simple recipe for pasta with shrimps, which is prepared in literally 15 minutes.

Which shrimp tastes better

Before you start cooking, you need to stock up on high-quality ingredients for pasta with shrimp. To do this, let's look at what the shrimp is better, tastier and how to choose them in the store.

Size matters. Only the rule about shrimps is “less is better”. The smallest - cold-water, caliber 100 / 150 or 90 / 120 (which means the number of pieces in a kilogram), they are the most useful, as they grow in the wild. Small arthropods feed on specific food, which means that they well accumulate vitamins and minerals. Meat is sweet, tender, tasty, rich in protein.

The smallest - cold-water shrimp, they are the most useful

In second place are the average, caliber 70 / 90. They also have good taste and are likely to grow under natural conditions. The next size is 50 / 70. These are already grown in trays. Cold-water shrimps from Denmark, Lithuania, and Canada are supplied to Russia. Far Eastern sales are not found. All are exported to Japan and the USA.

I have medium shrimp. Good taste and looks good in dishes, but not as tender as small ones.

Large shrimp like “tiger” or “royal” - warm. They are predominantly fattened on farms in Southeast Asia and Latin America. Individuals are characterized by rapid growth. The meat is dense, almost tasteless and, compared to cold-water relatives, it contains little useful product per gram at a high price. Choose the best for your shrimp pasta.

Large shrimp fattening on farms

When buying arthropods, see: whether there is snow in the package (incorrect storage, the bag was thawed and re-frozen); form (boiled-frozen shrimp should be round, straight tail indicates that the individual died before cooking and freezing); head color (black head means you can't eat it).

Shrimp Pasta Recipe

I promised a simple shrimp pasta recipe in 15 minutes. Faster, put a stew of hard varieties (this is important!) To boil in boiling salted water. While she is preparing, we will do shrimp.

If you can find raw and fresh - great! But something tells me that you, too, will cook from cooked and frozen. To defrost, fill the carcass with boiling water, let stand for minutes 3-4. At this time, heat the pan with a good portion of fragrant olive oil, crumble the garlic.

I like to use immediately and fresh heads of garlic, and dried granules. So fragrant and tastier. Black pepper and smoked paprika with its bright smell and sweet taste are suitable for spices. Fry the shrimp need 1-2 minutes. For sea bastards send pasta, give a little to enjoy the flavors and aromas in a hot pan. Shrimp paste ready! You can serve.

Serve with fresh basil leaves

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