There is nothing better than borsch with fragrant homemade bread. That is what we are going to cook today.

Already so many times I have been preparing these wonderful pampushkas, but I managed to remove only the process, and it never came to a photo. All because they disappear with incredible speed. Stop on one is impossible. I do not even promise that you will say to yourself stop after the second! And how beautiful these pranksters go with soups ... Meet, garlic dumplings for borscht and not only.

About garlic pampushki

Borsch is one of my favorite dishes since childhood. Dip fresh flavored bread into rich beet broth and bite off a piece ... there is little that can be compared with it. Especially if the bread is homemade. Especially, if with a bright smell and taste of garlic.

I tried many recipes for donuts before I came to this. But all the efforts were worth it. The result is a delicate cream bun with garlic butter, which is concealed in the mouth. They are awesome fresh. Stored in a bread box for up to two days. Then they become dry, although they do not lose their creamy taste. To be honest, for more than two days in my home they did not survive even once, how many I would not cook.

Recipe for garlic donuts to borscht

They are preparing not for one or two. You will have to work a little and have patience, but do not worry, every minute of your efforts will pay off. Yeast dough. For tenderness and softness need eggs, butter, cream. In a step-by-step recipe, I tried to describe and photograph all the stages in as much detail as possible so that even the beginners could figure it out. But if something is not clear, you can always write to me in the chat.

Garlic oil, we prepare ourselves. Make sure you have good garlic. It is best to use fresh. Dried granules will lose in taste and aroma.

It will be necessary to pay attention to two points. Do not overdo it with flour. For very soft delicate buns, you will need no more than 550 gr of flour. For denser, increase the amount to 580 gr. And second, buns need to be given time to grow before they go into the oven.